About Me


My name is Dr. Rachel Adams and I recently moved to the Denver area after graduating from Texas A&M University with my PhD in Ecosystem Science and Management.

Science and environmental conservation have been lifelong passions. I have a particular interest in cave ecosystems and have been an active caver for over fifteen years. My current research incorporates this fascination with other scientific fields (see Research Overview).

I strive to make science accessible and engaging to people of all backgrounds. I gravitate towards opportunities that allow me to share my knowledge and love for biology and ecology with others. In graduate school, I honed my teaching approach to promote inclusion, positivity, and empathy to create an effective learning environment for all.

In my free time, I enjoy all outdoor activities – hiking, kayaking, caving (of course!), and fishing. I love cooking and baking and am always searching for new recipes. I am an avid movie and TV show watcher with a slight obsession with Harry Potter. In addition, my husband and I travel as much as we can to visit family and friends or to experience a new place.